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Interested in getting started with CrossFit 222?  Most other gyms charge anywhere from $100-$500 to get the basic foundaitons of CrossFit learned.  We are so confident that you will love CrossFit 222 that we will cover that cost and let you try it for free with no obligation to you.  We will start by setting up 3 free foundation classes where you will learn the basics of CrossFit and we will also talk about how the program and classes are set up.  You will be getting a scaled workout to get your body ready for the CrossFit Classes. you must take this class before signing up for a CrossFit membership or you can test out if you are already familar with the fundamentals of CrossFit. Please call or email to get started!

First 2 Months Introductory Membership
$119.00 per mo for 2 months
Unlimited Classes

Individual:  $149.00 per mo
Couples:  $264.00 per mo

3 - Days A Week
Individual:  $129.00 per mo
Couples:  $240.00 per mo

*Discounts for
Active Millitary, Police,
Firefighters and EMT/EMS

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